The very essence of life is the ability to capture vivid impressions and praiseworthy moments engendering beautiful memories which one can look back upon with adoration. This assertion is certainly very true when referring to the photographic compositions of my close friend Uwe Schmolke.

For decades Uwe has inspired with his photography and artistic work, transforming sub aquatic terrains and marine dwellers into pieces of art. He is a connoisseur and an enthusiastic critter trailblazer who has roamed many patches of waters around the world and in particular the archipelago of Indonesia. Always ready to mount his camera, to submerse and unleash his creativity in pursuit of creating entrancing and captivating images.
We are proud to exhibit some of his commendable depictions in his personal digital gallery, revealing the unprecedented abundance of indigenous marine life surrounding the coastal regions of Sulawesi.

– Michael Smith


An der Westküste Zentralsulawesis ist das Prince John Dive Resort die einzige Tauchbasis im Umkreis von 300km. An der Spitze der Palu Bucht, ca 70km südlich des Äquators, liegt die Anlage in einer der trockensten Gegenden Indonesiens und ist somit ein Ganzjahresreiseziel.


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Jalan Beringin, Tanjung Karang
Kelurahan Labuan Bajo, Donggala
Central Sulawesi 94351 , Indonesia


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